Ecclesia Magna Charta

Organizational Document of Church Of The Creator®  
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The follows excerpts are direct quotations from the organizing document of the church, the Ecclesia Magna Charta, establishing the tenets, structure, purpose and function of Church Of The Creator.®

The Ecclesia Magna Charta, proclaims and defines our Collective Service in Glorification of the One Living God. A vehicle to bring the unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage.


We Recognize This Whole Planet Earth
To Be A Living Monument, In The Glory Of The Father,
Dedicated By Michael, The Bestowal Christ Son Jesus,
To The Divine Mother Essence, The Holy Spirit,
By whose Holy Breath It Is Sustained

So Be It And So It Is


Church Of The Creator® having been established, recognized and witnessed, has fulfilled its obligation and Prophetic Cause to bring into Effect the New Order of All Things through the Dispensation of Divine Right Order®. As stated in Book of Revelation, The Holy Bible, by the Order of John, Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus - Joshua - Yeshua - YesHuWaH, proclaims: Establish a New Covenant a New Religion.

This New Spiritual Understanding of the Triune Energies of HOLY TRINITY, THE HOLY FAMILY, through Spiritual Memory Infusion, becomes the WHOLE FAMILY, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. The Bridegroom and Bride, whose incarnated offspring are their Seed, aligned within and through the Office Of The Christ, consciously chose to manifest their DIVINE INHERITANCE, the Age of Peace.

This instrument of unification, therefore, is the avenue of example, bringing together as a functioning organization those individuals choosing and recognizing through Spiritual Guidance that they are to worship and serve collectively as a Spiritual/Physical Family. It is a guideline of common understanding and agreement, uniting the parts to form the whole.


Church Of The Creator® shall have as an Official Seal, a Six Pointed Star Grid, supporting and manifesting the Descending/Ascending Energy of the HOLY SPIRIT SHEKINAH, OUR DIVINE MOTHER, represented as a Dove sustaining through the HOLY BREATH this Planet Earth, held within Its Heart and uplifting this Planetary Sphere and Its Systems to their rightful place in the Heavens.


In that we recognize this Whole Planet Earth to be the Father's Church and that each Christed Being is in themselves a complete Temple, a Home, a Tabernacle made unto the likeness of The Creator, a House of God, so therefore in coming together to move in like-mind each representative then becomes an individual living brick, a stone, in Church Of The Creator  Each one adds their part by expanding and living through the Redemptive Body of the Christ Son, and progresses daily in the bringing forth into outer manifestation the Spiritual Gifts of Shekinah, Sacred Sciences, through the Feminine Principle and Priesthood. This is the Daughter's offering in regenesis to the Whole, through service and within the Divine Blueprint of the Father's Plan, the Descending/Ascending Vehicle of Mankind - the Family.


Church Of The Creator® shall provide the vehicle and vibrational grid to attract those of common understanding, desiring to bring release of Spiritual Relativity, and the Anchoring in of Spiritual Reality and Restoration of the Common (Co-Man) Law, as exemplified through the understanding and pronouncement of our Beloved Brother, Christ Jesus, "Love Ye One Another as I have Loved Ye Also." Church Of The Creator® shall provide that place within, where each may have the opportunity to express the Perfect Principle of Love - that retribution of such will be the instrument and tool to see manifest Heaven on Earth.  

 Church Of The Creator® is the Vanguard, Spiritual Consciouship of Michael, aligned to the Order, Brotherhood, Priesthood of Melchizedek in compliment with The Orders Of Whole Light Beings to bring forth Melchizedek Communities Of Light,™ Melchizedek Academies Of Light,™  Universal Centers to enlighten, expound God's New Truths.  

Church Of The Creator® shall provide that each and every one may bring about a physical conceptualization of their own interpretation of the God Essence and the opportunity to Glorify in God, singularly or collectively, as they choose to express.  

Church Of The Creator® shall  function  through all its  parts, its members, each  supportive of the Whole, all portraying through their Golden Example and Sacred Mandate, The Living Word Made Flesh.


Associate Ministers are those choosing, commissioned and witnessed to be the Instruments to Mandate and infuse the Higher Truths to this Humanity, to bring forth into manifest state the Sacred Sciences of the Holy Spirit Shekinah - AMEN - AMEN; and in proclaiming these truths shall HERALD, AFFIRM, TEACH, and SANCTIFY in preparation and Celebration of that which is descending unto and through the Redemptive Vehicle of the Bestowal Son Jesus, the Office Of The Christ.


This Church, This Functioning Body Decrees,
That As Long As It May Serve this Planet, This Humanity,
So Therefore, Are We Prepared To Be The Instruments
In Which To Serve The One Living God,
Who Has Placed A Trust, In Us.

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