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  • GENERAL OPERATIONS FUND: Free Will Contributions - FWC - Contributions to this account are without restriction,  for use in normal operations of the organization.

  • FELLOWSHIP FUND Contributions for expense funding of Ministers of the Church. For travel, meals,  lodging and supplies associated to public outreach Ministries of  COTC. 

  • LEGAL EXPENSE FUND Fund associated to fees, applications, registrations in the United States and other countries of the world for the work of the Foundation. Funding necessary to establishment of copyright, trademarks, and enforcement of rights by notice or litigation.  Trademark protection of the name "Church Of The Creator®" resulted in very unusual "collateral costs" effects, setting legal president as to litigation behavior and penalties when tactics become oppressive. See the History and Outcome of Trademark Litigation.  The nature of this case may be seen in detail, US 7 th Circuit Court Of Appeals - OPINION of July 25, 2003  US SUPREME COURT  denied review, Certiorari Denied.  Permanent Injunction Order  November 19, 2002, to the benefit of the Foundation. Defendants Fined and found in Contempt of Court Order on Contempt and Fine.

  • Legacy Giving and Possible Tax Advantages

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    • ASSET CONTRIBUTIONS:  Gifts of tangible assets of any kind. Real Property. Vehicles such as Motor Homes, Autos, Trucks, Boats, Equipment, Computers, Clothing, Jewelry, Stocks/Bonds, Dividends, Royalties, Notes, etc. These may be used for the primary purposes of the work, or resold to fund any of the above specific operations or capital accounts. Contribution Contact Form -

    Contributions by Mail:  COTC National ·   P. O. Box 157 ·  Ashland, Oregon 97520

    Grant Writing your Specialty? If the answer to this question is yes, and the expressions of this organization resonate with your heart, you can help manifest the services and specific  programs or capital purchases necessary for the next expansions of COTC.  For more information or to volunteer your services, contact:

    Fund Raising Events - Concerts - Benefits - your Specialty?  Ditto  the above -  your help is needed!

    As a lump sum, a large majority of financial  support for this organization from 1974 through 2001, has come primarily from a few individuals. Their time, their prayer, their money, through conscious application has established and anchored by living the principles expressed in the documents available for your review. 

    One principle applied, lived, is demonstration by example.  Having made that pact with the Creator, Sacred Mandate,  those establishing this working organization as a legal entity,  have been held accountable to their pledge to "dedicate our physical embodiments."   The process has tempered wisdom, the ability to distinguish between wants and needs, and included some very profound lessons in accomplishing what must be done with what is available. 

    We believe that the individuals, Council & Board Members,  who make collective unanimous decisions, those responsible for the stewarding of the financial assets of this corporation and Church may be trusted to practice what they preach.

    Organization goals are exactly as stated, "The Family Unification Of Mankind In All Aspects Of The Whole," nothing less. 

    The balance of financial funding necessary to accomplish that goal is shifting, from the few to the many.   Individuals relatively new  in legally anchored association with this organization arrive with the conscious understanding that support must first come from within, from their personal volunteer free will contributions.  That understanding becoming action, is attracting support from the public at large interest. Stewards interested n placing assets within their control, through charitable contribution, with organizations operation in the paradigms of the future, not the truncated expressions that deal with the symptoms rather than the cause.

    Humanity has been gifted conscious knowledge of  principles that can make every individual effort, in every day living, amplified in results. One can represent the whole, Divine Right Order® does bring positive, constructive change perfectly synchronized to programs and timings beyond our life, our planet and it's systems.  Our effort is focused on the causal level of co-creating our reality. Collective amplification through the Office Of The Christ is precipitating current expression of world events, the ongoing purification and refinement. The new heavens and the unified paradigms of living on the new earth are already in operation.  The old is crumbling as the new is being built in the midst of the seeming chaos of recreation.  Many are thirsting for understanding and for the fulfillment of inner most desires of the heart, to live in a world of Peace, Harmony and Justice. The Divine Inheritance of each and All God's Children is ready for delivery. Your support in infusing that awakening and making the delivery is appreciated. 

    The relatively new tool of the Internet has enabled us with one posting to the web page, to reach around the planet in an instant.  The costs go up when moving the physical bodies. Transport, lodging, meals are necessary and expensive.  Demand for services is exceeding our ability and personal assets and ability to fund expenses.  

    Cost of publishing, office supplies, seminars, healing circles, hands on, one on one, or one to many distribution of the understanding and application of Divine Law in daily living and the paradigms of collective service is expanding exponentially.

    If your heart responds to the principles expressed by this organization you  financial contribution by one the of the following avenues, or by any other means you may so desire is gratefully appreciated.

    Your Support is Recognized and Appreciated!


    Church Of The Creator® is the public ministry expression of  TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc, EIN#94-2385796  

    Recognized by the US Department of The Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, a Church, by letter of determination dated March 30, 1978. Further recognized by Issue of a Group Exemption Identification Number, GEN #4134, by letter dated July 9, 1985, the corporation is the umbrella, parent organization, of which Church Of The Creator,®  EIN#93-0885180 and its Auxiliary Chartered organizations are subordinates. 

    Cash and Asset Contributions  when properly  and according to IRS rules,  recognized as Charitable Contributions and therefore tax deductible.  IRS Rules on Charitable Contribution.     Online Contribution    Asset Gifts/Contact Form

    By Mail:  COTC National, P.O. Box 157 Ashland, Or 97520

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