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Establishment of the Name Updated April 27, 2003

EASTERBROOK, Circuit Judge. "The "Church of the Creator" and the "World Church of the Creator" have irreconcilable creeds. The Church of the Creator (the operating name of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family of URI, Inc.) believes in universal love and respect......What has led to this litigation between the two organizations is the little  ®  symbol attached to Church of the Creator.......It turns out that tactics adopted to avoid paying for one’s wrongs have collateral costs"......more► 

Establishing the name Church Of The Creator® from the initial conceptualization was without a conscious plan.  Each step along the way was prompted by prayer, asking direction of our Divine Parent, ..."what is in the highest and best for the Whole of Creation"... with ample opportunity for patience, non-judgment and affirmation of the prayer Divine Right Order® at every point, where as human beings of good intent, thoughts-things seemed to be in need of Divine Intervention. 

The name was first published as prose 1969. Then used as an expression of Public Ministry, registered as a Trademark by TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.  The whole and sole/soul purpose being set forth and legally anchored in organizing documents of the Church, Articles Of Faith, Constitution, and Ecclesia Magna Charta.

Officers of the Church responsible for establishing the name, registration of the trademark or the best of script writers on the planet, could not have conceived of such a paradoxical scenario as what has unfolded. And undoubtedly will continue to unfold, until such time as every human being is recognized as a Child Of God, of equal value, unique in personality expression and treated by their fellow inhabitants on this planet accordingly.  We are destined to clean up our act, doomed to perfection and of course that starts with each of us, individually, creating change by example.

In this instance, for our non-profit corporation, Officers and legal team, acting for all of us,  are through litigation, further  protecting our good name and good works. Through the law seeking to hold accountable,  free
Church Of The Creator® from the shadow of impostors.

Filed in the Federal Court, Northern District of Illinois in 2000, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family of URI Inc. petitioned the Court for relief from trademark infringement by an association of white supremacists. The rulings of the lower court have been appealed upward, including the US Supreme Court. The case has resulted in many unusual events.

As of this date, the litigation is a long way from being complete.  Bless the Officers, Board Of Directors of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation and attorneys of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago, for the tenacity and dedication necessary to seeing this to conclusion.  The litigation has taken three years next week, from the date of the Complaint. 

Many elements of the Order on Defendant Contempt of Court, details of what will constitute compliance with the Permanent Injunction are not contained within recent news article and the Order, directives of the Judge have yet to be signed,  only verbally issued and of record. Hopefully that will become part of the public record,  7 th Circuit - Northern Illinois - US District Court under Opinions, Judge Lefkow in the near future.

Through case law, litigated to the Supreme Court of the USA,  the trademark Church Of The Creator® is firmly established,  belonging exclusively to our parent corporation TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI, Inc.

However, there are many media generated and fear/hate tracking organizations currently posting articles with the name "Church Of The Creator" and/or "World Church Of The Creator," with the fear and hate based beliefs and without any statement to the public, making it clear that such beliefs are not of our creation.

TE-TA-MA, in concert with our legal counsel is communicating, requesting of publishers and other media outlets, trying  to eliminate further confusion within the public mind. A partial quote:

Appeal to Media Outlets - Please Do Not Perpetuate Confusion

"Anticipating media coverage surrounding the scheduled trial of white supremacist Matthew Hale, we are appealing to the media not to perpetuate public confusion. Mr. Hale is currently incarcerated on charges of soliciting the murder of U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow and is scheduled for trial in Chicago, September 2003...

....The Foundation is inclusive and encourages peace, harmony and understanding among all people, regardless of race, color or creed. The confusion with Mr. Hale's association is, therefore, particularly damaging. Relative information about our organization may be found on line at  or the actual Opinions and Orders of the Court are posted under Legal Expense Fund.

It would be ironic and additionally damaging if, in reporting on Mr. Hale's trial or describing the unincorporated association, the media were to continue to use the very names "World Church of the Creator" or "Church of the Creator" they have been ordered to cease using (except in a historical sense to describe the infringement that gave rise to the trademark suit in which the permanent injunction was issued). Mr. Hale's associates, in partial compliance with the Court's permanent injunction, has been calling themselves "The Creativity Movement." Accordingly, we ask that the media use this name in referring to Mr. Hale's organization."

Thank you.  Sincerely,

Revs. Drs. Grace Marama URI and James Germain URI
Ministerial Unit, Vice-president and Director                 
TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.
Church Of The Creator®

Media Interest remains active, due to the unusual nature of the litigation, and its relationship to the criminal charges and pending trial of one of the defendant members. Articles may be found using Google News Search, with phrases such as "Church Of The Creator" "TE-TA-MA,"   "white supremacists," or "Matt Hale."

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