COTC Online News     December 31, 2009
me to WE
Ten Year Review -  Tenure in European Union
Opportunities in 2010 to Co-Create - Amplify Change
" use of our God Essence...Highest And Best For The Whole of Creation...."



This date is a demarcation of the end of the first decade in the Twenty First Century.  Some reflections worthy of review.

  • Passing of Judgment Day - Like a Thief In The Night
  • Planet Earth Restored as member of  Galactic Senate
  • Pathways Of Light, Heavens to Earth - Opened for Participation Of The Orders Of Whole Light Beings
  • Divine Intervention Accelerating Humanities 5th Dimensional Expression
  • New Heavens, New Earth are Birthed!

You, individually, collectively,  as a Minister of COTC/TE-TA-MA are to be recognized for your effort in the Redemptive Programs Of The Office Of The Christ, The Divine Plan as administered by Michael Metatron, Melchizedek. The Heavenly Hierarchies give thanks for your efforts and the circumstances of life chosen, overcome, transcended through effort, tenacity, faith, for who you are and who you represent. Your part has made a difference, your choices have either helped to accelerate or to delay the outer manifestation of the new order of all things.

Some COTC/TE-TA-MA Collective Accomplishments - Infusions requiring unified Merkabah Vehicles Aligned to the Heavenly Hierarchies.

  • Program Victory -- Mother Earth, the seed crystal of the Universe is the Bride marrying the Bridegroom...Earth and Heaven Uniting
  • Let Freedom Ring 
  • Michael’s Legions fully on Planet 
  • Plan for the Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek 
  • One Heart
  • Heralding New Heavens and New Earth
  • The United States Of Consciousness - Shema Yisrael
  • Hallelujah Harvest 33rd Decree Conferred
  • Birth of Collective MessiahShip
  • 13th   Tribe of UR (URI) Manifest
  • 911 Call to the Priesthood of Melchizedek

December 31, 2009 - TE-TA-MA received News, Tenure - 10 year renewal for the EU Trademark Registration is accomplished. Significant Tenure, anchoring of the words Church Of The Creator®  with the Dove/Star Seal of COTC, European Community Registration No. 1432301.   Is this significant?  Only time will tell. But the name given in a poem in 1969, its significance is still unfolding, as seen in the 10 years following the initiation of  Trademark Litigation

2010  -  Individual Surrender of Personal Will - Choosing Divine Will - Not Required, but making a Huge Difference! Ehyah Asher Ehyah -  "I am That, I AM"  -  me to WE!


"We, collectively, COTC Ministers are by choice changing on a personal level. Praying petitioning to be of service to God - as Ministers - ready to act, to be the instruments, bring the most results, the most important "good works."  It is the essence of the Sacred Mandate .  


Key words, "The many In One"   that is a collective alignment, when signing on the "joining in principle and witness"    (◄Click on the link See anything familiar ?) -  a collective covenant, contract with God and each other. Automatic in every circumstance in which we live, activating, requesting Divine Intervention when we live, speak, Decree in those circumstances for who we are and who we represent,   Divine Right Order®.  


How are we doing? Are we holding the awareness, using the Principles, Practices, of our Sacred Mandate, Spiritual Contract,  24/7 as we begin, end, live every day? 


How many others on the planet are living collective consciousness, activating Divine Intervention, calling into action,  by human free-will choice the Heavenly Hierarchies, the Redemptive Programs of The Office Of The Christ? Receiving the Orders Of Whole Light Beings?"   [ COTC On Line News 11-24-09 ]


What is Collective?  What is Collective Ministry?  What is a GRID?

“Through self-realization, each recognizes that we must participate collectively with those of like heartmind, dedication and purpose, therefore amplifying to the maximum our individual effort in this service, becoming a cell (Realized Self) in the Redemptive Christ Body, within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.


This is a mutual process and once accomplished, within the space made together, a quantum leap in consciousness understanding occurs, where each one will expand and become representative of the Whole, as is needed to effect the Divine Plan. This is COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, Group Responsibility In Divine Structure, GRIDS.


"In the living application of these principles, this cohesive Love, Collective Movement in Trust of Heart and Mind, will bring about the recognition of the Indwelling LOVE and PURITY of the CHRIST VIBRATION, where we all meet, within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.


Each one is directly accountable to the Father for the right-use of the God Essence entrusted to their individual guardianship.  How that guardianship is administered has a vast effect upon the Whole.  On all levels we are never working alone.


The totality of a collective work is not the sum of the parts.  Each one’s effort through unification and singleness of purpose expands the Whole in many multiples of the individual’s contribution.  The results of our collective effort is multiplied thousand upon thousands of times as we move in Group Unity within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.


As alternatives present themselves in opportunity of co-creation, always choose the Group Vehicle and insure the results of your inspiration. The compound overall interest and desire should always be unification.


All responsibilities are co-created through free-will choice and agreement.  We each choose and have been chosen.  When the individual member through unilateral choice is expressing or seeking guidance from the consciousness of individualized service, once having been infused through the GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS, they have neglected their responsibility to the Whole and can become subjected to the duality broadcast of paradox. 


Each thought, each word, each action, each combination has a direct effect upon the qualitative strength, texture and integrity of the collective co-creation.  We are always in Church.  The Church is in US.  From the perspective of this plane and dimension, our lives, our daily living, are the basic unit of the STRUCTURE.


Make no mistake in understanding, our counterparts are dependent upon and limited by the free-will choice of those ones who said they would remember the COVENANT and move into COHESIVE ORGANIZED GROUP EFFORT.”   Above excerpts from GRIDS Of Consciousness Unification - Group Responsibility In Divine Structure© 1984 , Revs. Drs. Grace Marama & James Germain URI


So….what is important?   Where are we going to spend our God Essence Energy in 2010?  Where are we going to choose to place our individual efforts to count for the Whole?


Are we going to gather, pray, align and ask “Best Use of My God Essence - Greatest Possible Contribution to Change, Highest and Greatest Good for the Whole of Creation”?  Are we open to receiving, Through Trust, Balance, that comes from within a Merkabah, collective petition with others?


There are Collective Vehicles Of Service,  ready, only needing participants: COTC Circles of LightTM; COTC Seminars;TM Board & Council Positions;, necessary to bring in the NEW Expressions in Collective Service, waiting for the seats to be filled or are we going to run the old, card reading, healing circles, social gatherings, old tools no longer needed or necessary,  amplifying the old when the new is here, ready? 


As we close the 12 month cycle/Mazzaroth/Mazzaloth, many are examining what is really important and where are we choosing to place our God Essence Energy.  The Annual Renewal reports of Ministry and Annual Renewal Fees have come due December 28, many are reflecting on where the year went, where their energy was spent.  

Time is speeding up, there is no doubt.  The pressures of the “Modern Day Mystic” are increasingly apparent.  We don't have the luxury of yesteryear, retreating to a cave and contemplating Oneness. 


Our Heavenly Counterparts are asking us as Pastoral Pastors, TE-TA-MA “...Representing the Family Unification of Mankind in All Aspects of the Whole...” and as Associate Ministers, Church Of the Creator® “...Supporting the Family Unification of Mankind in All Aspects of The Whole...”  What does this really mean…..Represent?????......Support?????


Looking forward to our collective alignments, efforts in 2010 - Opportunities to be seized!!



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