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The Spiritual Renaissance on Planet Earth is becoming obvious for anyone with an open heart.  The Harvest – fruits of inspiration, dedicated individuals aspiring to and solving big problems by individual actions, to the benefit of all mankind. The inspirations have Divine Origins. Conceptualizations issued from within the Pillar of Light, “Shema Yisrael – Hear O’ Israel”, the highest vibration of thanksgiving and deliverance, United States of Consciousness. Human Spiritual Traditions, ancient and modern, through written words, symbols, construction in stone, have forecast a quantum change. Peaceful solutions, Love in action for our fellow humans, a New Reality On Earth, is being lived here and NOW.  New Earth is Birthed!

The Holiday Season 2007/2008 brings reflection upon our Blessings. Most often it comes back to family: the blood line, DNA/RNA physical family.  However, multitudes of people are filled with inspiration, looking for and finding a higher meaning in life based in giving/service. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sounds, scenes of chaos, nightly news broadcast of fear, terrorism and war. However, thousands of examples, tangible acts of goodness are making their way into the mainstream of our Collective Consciousness. Individuals are finding, right where they are, with available skills, means, within the Tapestry of our Collective Consciousness, how to make their efforts bring about the Highest and Greatest Good for the Whole."  Recognition, appreciation for good works, extraordinary lives and actions that bring tears to our eyes are multiplying. 

The Collective Consciousness has shifted, from me to WE. How fast is this spreading? 

Consider “reality” television. Progression from winner take all "Survivor" to encouragement within groups of people helping each other. “Dancing With The Stars,” “American Idol” have become win, win, win for everybody. Anyone can give it a try, some “worst” performances becoming careers. Other new shows eliminate the excuses, make the outcome possible in conscious belief, then the results manifest.  TV shows such as "Clean House,"  "Extreme Makeover," "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition," "Biggest Loser,"  "How do I Look," are focused on good works, experts and participants helping each other overcome circumstances that are not ideal. Broadcasting to viewers the true “reality” that change comes first in consciousness, then choice, then action, with help from others, problems have solutions. CNN is recognizing “Heroes,” "common folks" with uncommon determination, receiving recognition for motivations and actions that touch the Heart, encouraging others to do the  same. These are just a few examples of accelerating change, Harvest of WE Collective Consciousness, as old self-centered patterns fall away. 

Why Now?

The Answer is simple. The bondage, control mechanisms imposed upon mankind have been disassembled. The Heavens are focused upon the Earth. It’s that time of choice for each of us, and more and more humans are accepting of their Divine Origins, Blessings of Life and Living, in the NOW,  free from the consciousness of fear, hate or lack. There is an ongoing Divine Plan. God loves all the Children of our Beloved Earth. Every tradition forecasts, Big Change,  and we are finally getting, accepting the message. Love one another. Live the Golden Rule. Everyone’s effort counts, everyone has a part.  

Another part of the answer, why now, mostly unrecognized due to the subtly of cause and effect, we believe, to be resultant of the service rendered through some determined, tenacious, dedicated people, choosing to serve collectively  within TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.  


Inspirations given in 1969. Action taken in 1974, formation of a non-profit public benefit corporation, Foundation based in Ashland/Medford, Oregon. In 1978 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc. was recognized as a Charitable 501(c)(3) Organization by the IRS. Incorporated in California, home/base in Oregon, to bring about the Spiritual Evolution of mankind, through Consciousness Infusion. Gathering, associating individuals of like understanding, vision, and inspiration within the USA and other countries of the Earth.  

Quoting directly from the Articles Of Incorporation, Articles Of Faith, TE-TA-MA shall behold, uphold and serve through the Divine Word, the Sanctity of Mankind, the Living Temple, and Sanctify as such the protection offered to All, the Liberty to free any bonds in consciousness and secure through Divine Right Order® the knowledge of the New Mandate of Being, things to come in the New World of the True Marriage of Heaven and Earth.”   © 1977

Sounds like a big goal – is that possible? The answer is Yes.

Recognize that none of us can do this alone. Ask for help and give credit to the unseen but real Legions of Beings that are Directing and upholding the Divine Plan. Apply Divine Law. Understand the function, activation of Faith, believing is the catalyst to achieving. Individual Free-will choice is the switch to limit or access Universal Resources.  

AN EXAMPLE OF ONE GOOD WORK - a collective effort of seen and unseen Allies

As a Church, one of many expressions in service, the Foundation in 1986 applied for and registered the Trademark, Church Of The Creator®.    

In 2000 the Foundation, to protect it’s ® Trademark, filed an infringement litigation against a worldwide white supremacists hate group, “World Church Of The Creator” headed by Matthew F. Hale. Litigation of 6 years, requiring dedication by Chicago attorneys, constant application of Divine Principles, prayer and petition for help by a small spiritual/physical family.  “The Family Unification Of Mankind”  a “big goal,”  found to be “distinct” by the US Seventh Circuit Court Of Appeals, a polar contrast to the hate/fear based activity of the Defendant organization. The Foundation’s Directors, attorneys, their families and eventually the Federal Judge were subject to harassment, death threats, the fear/hate message, stop or you and your families will suffer.   

Outcome Of Litigation

Results are far beyond the expected and predicted:  Implosion, earthquakes, accountability for actions within hate/fear organizations, the Defendant and others, who they represented.  Two Federal Appeal Court hearings, US Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Foundation, resulted in firmly establishing the Foundations ® Trademark and prohibited the words “Church” and “Creator” from being used together by the Defendants. Matthew Hale was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to 40 years in Federal Prison for conspiring to have a Federal Circuit Court Judge murdered.  

The Foundation was awarded $200,000 in damages for Trademark Infringement, due from the Defendant and each individual member of their organization. The case set Federal precedent in establishing that “oppressive behavior” by a litigant can result in fee shifting to the offending party. The Foundation was awarded over $450,747 for attorney fees.  One problem. As you might suspect, nobody wants to admit they ever belonged to the hate/fear based “World Church.” That is a  $650,747 incentive for denial, for each and every former member who might have some assets. To date not a penny of the judgment debt has been collected.  Impossibility of collection, is one part of the litigation that went according to the thinking and experience of the Foundation’s expert attorneys. No one did this for personal gain, but the Chicago Law Firm, those who did the legal work, let the Foundation know that this case makes them proud, honored to be a part of the change that it delivered to the good of humanity. Court Rulings, history of this case can be found at Trademark Litigation.This is one, of many profound results, demonstration of the principles, reality, that the Foundation works at a causal level to bring change. Want more examples? They are available to those asking. 

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION  -  Needed – Financial Funding for Colony House, brick and mortar structure, International Headquarters, Foundation Offices, Programs Administration, including facilities for community support, outreach, education, healing and library. The Blueprint for Colony House has been developed, refined, since 1986, awaiting the funding, timing and staff to carry out its broad mission.   

Mission: To provide public outreach and services on local, regional, national and international level in accordance with the following:  A Higher Learning Center of Theological and Cosmological Truths; A Sounding Board System of Universal Facts and Fantasies; Studies of Human Behavioral Patterning from the Scientific and Spiritual Points of View; A Focal Point Encompassing the Healing Arts to bring into Perspective the Whole Man; All Levels to Facilitate Our Responsibility to Each Other; No Stone Left Unturned.”   

Administration of Programs, Publications and Activities: COTC Colony House to include regularly scheduled and special worship services, seminars by local and visiting educators, guest educator accommodations, resident staff quarters. 

NOW:  Make a Contribution to TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation, for works completed and service ongoing.  Earmark this Foundation for your 2008 tithing as worthwhile.  Contributions are deductible under Charitable Organization IRS Rules.  Contributions

Additional information provided as requested by on-line  Contact Form, or in person to discuss our ongoing Mission. 

In Oneness of Service,

Rev. Dr.  Angela Magdalene URI

President, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc.             December 21,  © 2007

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