COTC Online News  October 4, 2010
Saint Michaelmas Day,   September 29, 2010
Completion Of 12 Month Cycles
Heavenly Hierarchy  &  TE-TA-MA/COTC Organizational Structure


Significant completions and unfolding of new manifestations of the Divine Plan are Imminent. 
"The Governing Council Body shall hold their annual meeting on September Twenty-Ninth (29), Saint Michaelmas Day, in direct correspondence and like coordinance of the Inner Temples of the Great White Brotherhood..."  this year marked the 34th Annual Meeting.  [Quote from Articles of Faith & Constitution,2 © 1977 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.]
At each GCB - Governing Council Body -  Annual Meeting, on behalf of the Whole of the Functioning Body of the Church  there is always a handing up of the probabilities and possibilities of the last 12 month cycle of service. Healing and Sealing of the accomplished manifestations and release, closing, of those possibilities aborted or unable to be completed.  At the same time, Petition and Request for the unfolding of the new Scroll from the Heavens, the probabilities and possibilities of the upcoming 12 month cycle.  This year, during the meeting their was a conscious Celebration on a multidimensional and multi-cycle recognition, of that contained within the concepts  of many traditions, but, specifically contained with the understanding of Celebrating "Shabbat", within the Hebrew traditions.
Effective September 29, 2010, revision, to the 1984  ©  Ecclesia Magna Charta  the Governing Document, Organizational Structure, was adopted by TE-TA-MA's Governing Council Body in concordance with approvals by the COTC National Council, Ordinating Minister Council and Accord Resolution Council.  This is the first revision since 1984 and adds the additional structure of the OMC and ARC, now functioning within the Church.
Encouragement is sent to all Members and Ministers of the Church, to review the last 12 months of  Service Within and Through The Office Of Christ, Priesthood Of Melchizedek.  Ask for inner support in letting go of any and all old patterns no longer of service to the Divine Plan, Divine Will and to be filled with the Gifts of The Holy Spirit Shekinah, embracing in the NOW the probabilities and possibilities, individually and Collectively of the Unfolding Divine Plan.
Today, October 4, 2010,  completes the 12 month cycle of the last Conference Call of the 2009 Annual Conference of Associate Ministers and Pastoral Pastors of the Church.  The last open invitation to Ministers of the Church to participate in Collective Infusions to the Planet in response to the 911 call from the Heavenly Hierarchy to the Priesthood of Melchizedek. 

“The Priesthood of Melchizedek is being recalibrated, infused and configured for the Final Coordinations of The Office of The Christ as the new program of Adonai Tsebayoth is ushered into this plane and dimension.  ‘New realizations’ of prophet-hood infused to those ready to carry out the understanding of higher creations, miracles, the “Acts of the Apostles,” and the Collective MessiahShip, our Covenant and Pact as detailed in Church Of The Creator® Sacred Mandate, Ecclesia Magna Charta.  The timing is NOW for the Priesthood of Melchizedek to usher in the New Program of Adonai Tsebayoth, Electromedicine, the Language of Energy, the Melchizedek Communitiesand Melchizedek Academies of Light COTC Associate Ministers “shall Herald, Affirm, Teach and Sanctify in preparation and celebration of that which is descending unto and through the Redemptive Vehicle of the Bestowal Son Jesus, the Office of the Christ.”  3


As part of the Conference of October 10, 2009,  RELATIONSHIP -  Heavenly Hierarchy &  Organizational Structure of TE-TA-MA  and COTC  was published, taken into prayer, Infused during the Collective Amplifications by those present upon the Earth and in the Heavens. The RELATIONSHIP, given and confirmed by those Councils Of Light, Amplifiers, Directors of our Collective Service, for review below. 


Heavenly Hierarchy &  Organizational Structure of TE-TA-MA  and Church Of The Creator®

Summary Review In Preparation, Healing & Sealing

Of the 2009 Annual Conference of Associate Ministers and Pastoral Pastors

By: Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI, Ministerial Unit,

TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc. ©  2009 &  2010



“The Redemptive Office of Divine Light” "...encompassing the work of the 144,000 Ascended Masters working with YHWH and Michael through Jesus The Christ for the purification of this fallen universe.  This includes all of the Ascended Masters who work for the liberation of man throughout the world in all aeons of time.”  1


TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc.

“…function as a Church bring forth an interpret Spiritual Prophecies of Divine Revelation, in order to educate Mankind of the Supreme Order of the Heavens, The Creational Source, The One God Who is Above and Beyond all of the Universes, Super Universes and Hierarchies.  Purpose in TE-TA-MA is a Singleness of Thought, that of having a Vibrational patterning so that those of Like-Mind may and can have a gravitational grid to motivate to, we see ourselves as just that, a giving and receiving of like-life energy patterns or waves, so in joining we are able at this point in time to be a multidimensional collective transformative reservoir for those of the Heavenly Host…”  2


Service In Coordination With and Through the ORDER OF MICHAEL “…guards the galaxies from biological-spiritual interference from the lesser forces of light except where necessary to test/train for soul advancement.”  1


Christ Michael – “Eternal Creator and Lord Protector of the Supreme-Ultimate programs of the Lords of Light and hosts in the ‘Father Universe’.  He ensures that the variations of Light are part of the true spectrum derived from the Lords of Light.” 1


TE-TA-MA - Governing Council Body  

“The Spiritual Senate, that group of Pastoral Pastors moving in Like-Mind with whom the final authority and responsibility of TE-TA-MA rests.”  2


Service In Coordination With, Through and As the Council of 24 - "Council governing spiritual civilizations in the Son universe." 1 (Not the same as the Twenty Four Elders.)


TE-TA-MA - Board of Directors

“In alignment with the Covenants of its Articles of Faith & Constitution, and all applicable laws of Man, the Board of Directors on behalf of TE-TA-MA shall have general charge of all its administrative and business affairs, as pertains to physical manifestation and Decree.”  2


Serves In Coordination With and As the Council of 12

“Sons of Heaven working with YHWH to supervise the creation and regeneration of the lower worlds.(Job 38:3-7)." 1


TE-TA-MA -  Pastoral Pastors

"Missionaries, links in a chain joining together those of Like-Mind.  It is through Direct Spiritual Lineage that those of Like-Vibrational Patterning are coming together as agreed before entering the Earth Plane to work in a Group Consciousness to help this Planet and Mankind." 2


Church Of The Creator®

“Church Of The Creator® having been established, recognized and witnessed, has fulfilled its obligation and Prophetic Cause to bring into Effect the New Order of All Things through the Dispensation of Divine Right Order®. As is stated in Book of Revelation, The Holy Bible, by the Order of John, Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus - Joshua - Yeshua - YesHuWaH, proclaims: "Establish a New Covenant a New Religion." 3


"This New Spiritual Understanding of the Triune Energies of HOLY TRINITY, THE HOLY FAMILY, through Spiritual Memory Infusion, becomes the WHOLE FAMILY, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. The Bridegroom and Bride, whose incarnated offspring are their Seed, aligned within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST, consciously chose to manifest their DIVINE INHERITANCE, the Age of Peace. In that we recognize this Whole Planet Earth to be the Father's Church and that each Christed Being is in themselves a complete Temple, a Home, a Tabernacle made unto the likeness of The Creator, a House of God, so therefore in coming together to move in like-mind each representative then becomes an individual living brick, a stone, in Church Of The Creator®." 3


Church Of The Creator®  shall provide the vehicle and vibrational grid to attract those of common understanding, desiring to bring about the release of Spiritual Relativity, and the Anchoring in of Spiritual Reality, and the restoration of the Common (Co-Man) Law, as exemplified through the understanding and pronouncement of our Beloved Brother, Christ Jesus, "Love Ye One Another as I have Loved Ye Also." Church Of The Creator®  shall provide that place within where each may have the opportunity to express the Perfect Principle of Love - that retribution of such will be the instrument and tool to see manifest Heaven on Earth." 3


" Church Of The Creator® is the Vanguard, the Spiritual Consciouship of Michael, and is in alignment with the bringing forth of the Light Communities and Universal Centers to teach and expound the New Truths through the Order of Melchizedek.” 3


Serves In Coordination With and Through the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK

“…in charge of the consciousness reprogramming that is necessary to link physical creation with the externalization of the Divine Hierarchy.” 1



Works with two primary orders, the Order of Enoch and the Order of Michael. The word “Order” is the key or common thread between all of the Orders. Each Order holds a unique function of creating “Order” out of chaos.


The significance of the Order of Melchizedek is set forth in the Holy Bible, Hebrews 17-20:

"Therefore, because God wanted more abundantly to show to the heirs of promise that his agreement was unchangeable, he sealed it by an oath.

Thus, by the promise and by the oath, both of which are unchangeable, and in neither of which could God lie, we find courage to hold fast to the hope that has been promised by him in whom we have taken refuge.

That promise is like an anchor to us; it upholds the soul so that it may not be shaken, and it penetrates beyond the veil of the temple; Therein Jesus has previously entered into the temple for our sakes, and become the High Priest for ever after the Order of Melchizedek.''

Hebrews quote from: The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa: © 1957 by A. J. Holman Co.


The word “brotherhood” is an ancient term that creates the image of a hooded priest or one that appears as a hermit, living in silence and removed from the social consciousness.  They hold the keys to the true history of the planet.1


They normally seek anonymity and like to work behind the scenes so that their work is not impaired by the limits imposed upon them by the evolutionary patterns of those of lesser awareness.


These “Collective Messengers”  work to transform a planet by using one general thread with many different models to choose from through the use of conscious choice, physical actions, personal synergy and a commitment to change.1



“…the circuit of intercommunication with the Paradise Sons,… receiving the voice of YHWH… for the sanctification of the ‘People of Light’ and organizing the people of God… The Priesthood is visible… They administer the ‘gifts of the Holy Spirit, Shekinah’ affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual states of existence.” 1



“Eternal Lord of Light.  Sovereign of Light in charge of organizing the levels of the Heavenly worlds of YHWH for transit into new creation… Co-equal with Metatron and Michael in the ‘rescue, regenesis and reeducation of worlds’ going through purification of the Living Light.” 1



“COTC National Council is the collective governing vehicle of Church Of The Creator.®  COTC National Council has final authority and responsibility for establishing all requirements relating to: Membership, Ministerial Offices, Auxiliary Church Charter, Administrative Councils and such other forms of Association and Collective Participation as may be required to fulfill the Purpose and Function of Church Of The Creator® in its Covenant to Our Holy Father/Mother, Parent Creator Source.” 3


Serves In Coordination With, Through and As the Council of 9

”Tribunal of Teachers governing our immediate super-galactic and galactic region, subject to change in evolving ‘new programs’ of the Father’s Kingdom.”1  



“Church Of The Creator® Ordinating Minister Council, hereinafter referred to as OMC, shall serve as an Administrative Council, an extension of COTC National Council, acting under that authority within the designated scope of its responsibilities.  OMC shall have the authority and responsibility to establish, maintain, administer COTC Policy and Protocols relative Church Of The Creator®  Ministerial Offices as set forth herein or as may be established.”  3


MTW - Melchizedek Triune Witness - Administrative Office for OMC who respond to those inquiring or self-nominating to hold the Ministerial Office of Ordinating Minister.


Ordinating Ministers act for COTC in Ordaining Associate Ministers of the Church.  OMC is responsible for setting Policy and Protocols relative to all Ministerial Offices of COTC as an extension and visible organization on our Beloved Planet Earth, part of the Order, Brotherhood and  Priesthood Of Melchizedek.


CRA - Credentials Renewal Administrator - Administrative Office for OMC to supports Associate Ministers in keeping their Ministerial Credentials current and in good standing.


COTC Associate Ministers are those choosing, commissioned and witnessed to be the Instruments to Mandate and infuse the Higher Truths to this Humanity. Serve within, Coordinated with and As The Priesthood Of Melchizedek.



“Church of the Creator®  Accord Resolution Council, hereinafter referred to as ARC, shall serve as an Administrative Council, an extension of COTC National Council, acting under that authority within the designated scope of its responsibilities. . ARC shall create, oversee and administer, Sanctioned Public Expressions providing experiential participation demonstrating the Principles and Practices of Church Of The Creator.® These COTC Sanctioned Expressions shall be conducted by ARC Certified Facilitators, collectively known as COTC Seminars.™   ARC Sanctioned  COTC Circles Of Light™ shall facilitate an Aligned Church of the Creator® Vibrational GRID, anchor upon the Earth regular meetings, thereby facilitating, demonstrating the Principles and Practices of Church of the Creator®  as a Functioning Body, in witness to collective expression, cooperation and Accord. ARC shall have the authority and responsibility to provide Guidelines to establish and maintain COTC Circles Of Light.™  ARC shall administer the ongoing relationship between COTC National and ARC Sanctioned COTC Circles Of Light.™” 3






1. Glossary, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch  by J.J. Hurtak © 1973  

2. Articles of Faith & Constitution, TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc. © 1977

3. Ecclesia Magna Charta, Church Of The Creator®,  TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc. © 1984-2010.


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