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The COTC Dove Star Seal/'Graphic was established by description in the Ecclesia Magna Charta,  line drawings and an Oil Painting as part of  Foundation Logos and symbols relating to this planet Earth and its Systems.  A designation used by the Heavenly Hierarchies, coordinated within the Greater Picture & Plan. Those programs are collectively anchored, understood and defined as Cosmocracy

"Church Of The Creator® shall have as an Official Seal, a Six Pointed Star Grid, supporting and manifesting the Descending/Ascending Energy of the HOLY SPIRIT SHEKINAH, OUR DIVINE MOTHER, represented as a Dove sustaining through the HOLY BREATH this Planet Earth, held within Its Heart and uplifting this Planetary Sphere and Its Systems to their rightful place in the Heavens."   [ARTICLE IV - Ecclesia Magna Charta © 1984]

Divine Right Order®  is a tool of proactive participation. A Dispensation of the Office Of The Christ, a gift as part of the Redemptive Program. Anchored in human consciousness in 1969, subsequently through use established,  anchored and recorded as a Foundation Trademark.

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